Vertex – racer routes

Belgian Championship 2024

On 27-th of January the best of Belgian boulder battling for the title of Belgian Champion 2024. The event was hosted by @klimzaalblok Hoboken, one of the oldest bouldergyms in Benelus and one of the biggest bouldergyms in Belgium. The event was held under the #cantstopwontstop .

Belgium has two new champions – Chloé Caulier & Hannes Van Duysen. For Chloé it is her 11th champion title. Hannes Van Duysen took first place in the male category. Vertex was excited to be a part of this great event with vertex climbing structure as one of the routes. Inherit a photogallery of the Belgium boulder Championship – a wonderful event with wonderful racers on vertex route. 

Photography by Thibaut Debelle