Bouldering Competition in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Men’s Finales: A Thrilling Display of Skill and Strength

The bouldering competition in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, showcased the men’s finales, where athletes demonstrated their prowess in tackling challenging routes

The climbers combine physical strength and mental agility.



The route setters Ivo Getzsov and Julia Keremedchieva, designed challenging routes that tested the competitors’ skills and endurance.

These were routes with a coordination jump, which requires a combination of strength and concentration, as athletes must propel themselves from one hold to another with precision.

The old school boulders of edges requires strength and firm grip on the edges in the overhang.

With challenging routes and brilliant designs, the competition showcased the best of bouldering talent in the region and Vertex was one of the brands responsible for that.

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Vertex racer routes – French edition



The bouldering competition for youths in Chamonix, France, organized by the Association Club de Sports de Chamonix, was an absolute spectacle. The event was truly one-of-a-kind, and we have the pleasure to have vertex logo and fiberglass volumes on the wall. There was excellent racer routes and the fiberglass shapes provided a unique challenge for the young climbers, pushing them to showcase their skills and creativity on the wall. This event was nothing short of amazing and a memorable experience for both participants and spectators.

The weekend was filled with thrilling moments and intense competition.
Climbers pushed themselves to their limits, aiming to reach the top. The determination and dedication of the young athletes were truly inspiring.

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Vertex – racer routes

Belgian Championship 2024

On 27-th of January the best of Belgian boulder battling for the title of Belgian Champion 2024. The event was hosted by @klimzaalblok Hoboken, one of the oldest bouldergyms in Benelus and one of the biggest bouldergyms in Belgium. The event was held under the #cantstopwontstop .

Belgium has two new champions – Chloé Caulier & Hannes Van Duysen. For Chloé it is her 11th champion title. Hannes Van Duysen took first place in the male category. Vertex was excited to be a part of this great event with vertex climbing structure as one of the routes. Inherit a photogallery of the Belgium boulder Championship – a wonderful event with wonderful racers on vertex route. 

Photography by Thibaut Debelle

Vertex – Performance upon expectations

People behind the quality

What it means to have a quality product especially when the manufacturing process involves multiple procedures by hand. Its easy to agree that reveals the importance of the workers.

People behind production of vertex holds and volumes are creative, responsible, innovative and caring about details. They are professionals during all the production process from the moment they pin the order on the work board until the dispatch of the pallet. Their knowledge and skills keep Vertex among some of the best quality brands on the market. 


One of the most important things about the production department and those who make vertex up is the constant research and testing of new materials. Other is the constant hard work and the last and most important is the dedication of the people behind the quality, vertex production team.

At the end you receive Vertex climbing holds and volumes – best shape, grip, texture and color.

Thank you guys!

Well done!


Route on @ildadoboulder Italy

I am sure you can imagine how motivating and inspiring for us is every time when we receive pictures of new routes with vertex volumes and holds from climbing gyms all over the worlds.

Once they received the volumes from vertex newest line Mаstodont, our new friends from iL Dado Boulder Italy Sonya and Andrea was so impatient to set up and climb.

Тhe smiles, videos and thanks start running to us. Thank you guys for sharing with us such a valuable information! We are going to listen and move on wisely as like we always do.

Thank and for the smiles and high evaluation.
The feedback from Il Dado Boulder in Italy once again convinced us that we are setting the right route for Vertex.

Why dual texture?

Why dual texture?

You thing dual texture is just а modern blink?

You think its just trendy and shiny?!

Yes, you are right. 


The initiation of the dual texture in fiberglass structures and climbing holds gives the shaper the opportunity to limit or specify the grip. 

There is a good point of dual texture when its inspired by real conditions of outdoor climbing, where you face different textures of the rocks – from hard, abrasive parts to highly polished sections.

 For that reason dual texture quickly took position at the market of climbing holds and volumes. And it will not be surprising if we see more and more even non texture structures, just like when you are climbing out and face up with a long smooth sections.


We will see what will happened next. And to designers we can only say: Shape on! 🙂

Passion meets profession at Vertical Pro 2023

Last weekend was so exciting and emotional for vertex team. It couldn’t be any other way, when you are a part of Vertical Pro – major exhibition for climbing world. We arranged our booth at Hall A7 following vertex style and energy. Our brand presented sets of dual texture holds and its new Mastodont line on black walls in trendy mint color and dual texture.

Once we were ready with the arrangements we were impatient for the beginning of the show. The results came immediately. We gain such an important feedback from professional route setters. Continue reading