The Vertex Series represent a different image. The vertex climbing hold is a piece of art that worships nature and pure imagination.

I have two passions in my life – art and climbing. When I wasn’t at the university studying fine art and sculpture, I was out – climbing walls.

One day after climbing I went to my atelier and instead of starting a new piece of artwork, I shaped my first climbing hold. It would have been just a blink of inspiration that passes away if it wasn’t for the support of the closest people around me.

With time, we built a team where each individual is valued as important and unique and yet the whole team works with the same passion as in the beginning”

Naniu Bakalov – Chief Designer of Vertex Climbing Holds

What makes Vertex Climbing Holds so special?

It is the personal touch and the love for what we do.

Every single hold is made with passion and heart just like when we do art. We work with great attention to the detail. Every set is made as if to take part in an exhibition.
Vertex products have a unique Design that will definitely make you love climbing even more!

  • Vertex Design is the love of climbing.
  • The passion in sculpturing.
  • And creativity.