Bouldering Competition in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Men’s Finales: A Thrilling Display of Skill and Strength

The bouldering competition in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, showcased the men’s finales, where athletes demonstrated their prowess in tackling challenging routes

The climbers combine physical strength and mental agility.



The route setters Ivo Getzsov and Julia Keremedchieva, designed challenging routes that tested the competitors’ skills and endurance.

These were routes with a coordination jump, which requires a combination of strength and concentration, as athletes must propel themselves from one hold to another with precision.

The old school boulders of edges requires strength and firm grip on the edges in the overhang.

With challenging routes and brilliant designs, the competition showcased the best of bouldering talent in the region and Vertex was one of the brands responsible for that.

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