Vertex climbing holds are made of Polyurethane resin. (PU)

This material has some more advantages compared with Polyester (PE)

  • PU is light and flexible and therefore can be used for all type of structure, specific design, and shape
  • PU has better resistance to impacts.



Vertex climbing holds use the latest, revolutionary formula of Polyurethane resin Danolite.
Danolite is very tough, has better abrasion, its impact strength is double compared to older PU formulas.

Name Resin Type Density Flexural Strength Mpa +/- 10% Flexural Modulus Gpa Flexural Elongation +/- 20% Impact strength Kj/mm2 Hardness Shore D
Dannolite PU PPG 1.1 to 1.2 above 100 1 to 2 15% above 40 80 to 83

The use of first rate type of polyurethane and careful control of every stage of producing process make Vertex climbing holds of top quality.

Attachment system


Excavated volumes

Each one of our climbing holds has its own bolt depending on the depth of the fixation hole. That way the head of the bolt is on the surface of the hold. There is no risk the climber to use the hole where is the bolt in case that the bolt is short and cause himself an injury during his climbing.

We offer our sets with bolts with conic head by default. If our clients prefer bolts with cylindrical heads that have to be specified during the ordering process.

That reduces their weight and makes them easier for assembling routes on the climbing walls.


Once the holds are screwed into the wall, it is normal for them to become dirty from the hands covered with magnesium and climbing shoes. With time, that can affect the grid quality and the safety and pleasure of your climb. We advise you to check the conditions of the holds and to clean them periodically.